During the summer of 2015, we began adding bike racks to our buses. Currently nine out of our twenty five buses are equipped with bike racks, with more being added in 2016. There is no additional charge for taking your bike on the bus.

If a bus arrives without a bike rack, you may still take your bike with you. Provided there is room, the driver will board your bike in the back. It is recommended that you inform the dispatcher you plan to bring your bike with you when you make your ride arrangements.

How To Use The Racks

  • Before loading your bike, remove all loose items.
  • When the bus comes to a complete stop, walk your bike to the front of the bus. Please be aware of traffic!
  • If needed, the driver will assist in lowering the bike rack.
  • Place the front tire of your bike in the position marked "FRONT TIRE" and slide your rear tire into the back slot.
  • Lift the spring-loaded arm over the front tire.
  • When unloading your bike, reverse the directions above.
  • Driver will assist in returning the rack to its upright position.


  • There is no additional fare for using the racks.
  • WexExpress is not liable for any damage caused to bikes or bike accessories that are transported.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.