Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RideOnTime?
A: RideOnTime is a fully automated system for routing buses more effectively.

Q: What is a Mobile Data Terminal (MDTs)?
A: Mobile Data Terminals are tablets that each driver will have in their bus. These tablets allow them to communicate with our dispatchers and quickly provide information on each trip, such as pick up/drop off locations, number of passengers, etc. It also gives drivers turn-by-turn navigation, if needed. With MDTs, we can more quickly and accurately monitor bus locations and schedules.

Q: Why is CWTA switching to this new system?
A: Our current system is not automated and has no tracking capabilities. RideOnTime will allow us to more efficiently and effectively schedule trips and provide you with more convenient ways to book your rides.

Q: When will RideOnTime be in place?
A: The new system is in place now! It will take several months for everything to get running smoothly, so please be patient.

Q: Can I schedule a ride online? Can I review planned trips?
A: Yes, you can do both on the CWTA website:

Q: How will I know if my online reservation was accepted?
A: You will receive an email confirmation of your trip.

Q: What can I expect with the new system?
A: Trips may take a little longer to book. We will also ask that you confirm and/or update your records. Please be patient as we get the system up and running.

Q: Can RideOnTime call me when my bus is close?
A: Yes, if you have a phone number registered with the system. If you want to receive these calls, please let our dispatchers know.

Q: Can the system email or text me?
A: You’ll receive emails if you register your trip on our website. There is no texting feature at this time.

Q: Will data rates apply when I receive a phone call?
A: Yes, you are responsible for your service provider rates for these calls. You can opt in or out of this system any time.

Q: Can I still get the same service I do now?
A: Absolutely. We’ll just be more dependable and efficient in its delivery, all at the same affordable price.


Do you have additional questions?
Feel free to contact us at (231) 779-0123

For additional details, download our full brochure here.