1. CWTA requires exact fare at boarding. Bus tickets/passes can be purchased from drivers or dispatch office.  
  2. CWTA riders must be prepared to board the bus at the designated pick up time and location. CWTA drivers are directed to wait two (2) minutes before departing. (Time is extended for customers with disabilities). If CWTA responds and receives a "No-Show", it will be documented by Dispatch and may result in a suspension of bus privileges.
  3. Please limit your baggage. Package assistance beyond the initial boarding will cost an extra $1.00 each time the driver or passenger leaves the bus. Shopping carts and other items boarded will cost an extra $1.00.
  4. Pets are permitted on the bus in approved enclosed containers. Service animals assisting passengers with disabilities or those in training are also permitted.
  5. Passengers who temporarily de-board the bus or change destinations will be charged another fare.
  6. CWTA will make every effort to serve you during adverse weather conditions. Delays and cancellations are possible.
  7. Objectionable odors from any source unavoidable by other passengers will not be permitted.
  8. CWTA does not allow eating, smoking, drinking, vulgar language, or playing of external audio equipment.
  9. CWTA will not tolerate any type of violence, threats, intimidation, destruction of property, or insubordination. CWTA has the right to refuse service and remove passengers when deemed necessary.
  10. CWTA demands that passengers conduct themselves in an acceptable and respectful manner at all times. Any type of lewd or indecent behavior is unacceptable. failure to comply will result in immediate removal.
  11. No weapons, illegal drugs, hazardous materials or other dangerous-deemed items will be permitted on the bus.
  12. Any and all illegal behavior will be reported to law enforcement and the customer will be permanently barred from service.
  13. CWTA has the right to temporarily or permanently ban passengers from service when necessary.
  14. CWTA reserves the right to deny transport of packages/objects that are unsafe or unable to be properly stored.