About Hopthru

Hopthru is a payments platform for public transit agencies. Using the app, riders are able to purchase passes and then use their phone to board. Passes may be purchased with a credit card, or debit card and then stored in the pass wallet. Hopthru passes are displayed on your mobile phone to enable faster boarding times.

How to use Hopthru

Hopthru enables riders to purchase passes at their convenience rather than stand in line at stations or on the bus.

You can receive a link to download the app by texting “hopthru” to 43506. After signing up, you will be prompted to select your transit agency (WexExpress), the passes you want to buy and then complete your purchase. Once you are ready to board, you can activate your pass and then present it to your driver when boarding. Purchased passes can be activated at anytime with or without internet connection, enabling you to travel without having to worry about keeping a cell signal. A video demo of the app and how it’s used can be found below.

Video on how to use Hopthru:

How to buy and use passes for WexExpress on Hopthru